CENMAC support

CENMAC offers a service to schools to support any child or young person who may need access to assistive technology to help access the curriculum and/or to communicate. CENMAC is a service paid for by the child or young person’s Local Authority, the school or other sources.

CENMAC can help with

  • Early intervention
  • High level of skills and competencies of practice
  • Transition
  • Continuing professional development
  • Helping staff in gaining skills and knowledge and transferring to practice
  • Useful information source

Please find below information to help with the process and make it work as smoothly as possible for the staff and pupil.


Initial Assessment

When the Local Authority accepts the referral or the school takes out a Service Level Agreement, CENMAC will get in touch to arrange the assessment at a time that suits you. Please ensure you put your email address on the referral form. If you have any queries contact mail@cenmac.com.

Please invite the relevant adults, parents, speech and language therapist, teacher, SENCO and class teacher to the assessment. There MUST be a member of the teaching staff present or we cannot assess the pupil. The assessment will take 1 to 2 hours.

The advisory teacher will talk to the adults first about what has already been trialled or strategies put in place and then demonstrate some of the equipment that CENMAC could loan and the supportive software available.  The pupil will join the adults and the equipment will be trialled. We can sometimes leave the equipment on the day and further training will be arranged if needed. CENMAC also runs training in Clicker 8 on a regular basis. You will have two training vouchers with the report and these can be used to attend this training. Details of the training are on the CENMAC website.  Training in other software or relevant areas can be arranged in school.  Please get in touch with the relevant advisory teacher to arrange this. Make a referral.