Counting down to Communication Works!

It’s just under 3 weeks until our annual event Communication Works – a celebration of assistive technology in education. 

About the event

CENMAC has hosted Communication Works for over a decade. It was initially held at Charlton Park Academy, but due to its popularity, in 2022, we moved the event to Charlton Athletic Football Club giving us the space we needed. In 2022 a second Communication Works conference started in Manchester in partnership with Ace Centre and New Bridge school allowing more people to access the event.

Communication Works aims to be a fully inclusive event bringing together everyone within education, children/young people, parents/carers, school staff and the professional therapists (speech and language therapists & occupational therapists) and medical teams (doctors, nurses, educational psychologists) providing advice and support around Assistive Technologies (AT) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Communication Works 2023 Celebrating Assistive Technology
Communication Works 2023 Celebrating Assistive Technology


South Event:
Thursday, 18 May 2023
Charlton Athletic Football Club, North Stand, The Valley, Floyd Road, London, SE7 8BL

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North Event:
Thursday, 25 May 2023

New Bridge Academy, Roman Road, Failsworth, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL8 3PH

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CENMAC Stand at Communication Works

Inspirational keynote speakers

At the forefront of the day are the inspiring individuals/users of technology, this year including Paralympian Beth Moulam and Braille Artist Clarke Reynolds as well as successful business entrepreneurs including Arran Smith, Microsoft’s UK SEND & Dyslexia Consultant, and some of the talented children and young people CENMAC – Assistive Technology in Education Service supports across London.

Guest speakers at Communication Works 2023 - Beth Moulam, Clarke Reynolds and Arran Smith

The power of assistive technology to give a voice to all

This conference is about raising the profile of those individuals who if given the right digital tools, support and attitude to achieving potential can inspire us all. How technologies that are designed and used to support those with a range of diversities in access and participation to learning end up being of benefit to everyone. Demonstrating what universally designed teaching and learning can look like and celebrating the creative, positive and empowering impact of these technologies have for everyone.

Student Ambassador Khamani at Communication Works

New and innovative assistive technologies on display

Through this conference we also aim to provide a platform to share new innovations and give an opportunity for start-up companies to share and test their technologies alongside those who are well established.

It is an exciting time for AT as many mainstream technologies (hardware and software) integrate accessible options and think about digital tools being inclusive for all. However, there is still a place for those innovating and developing the specialist technologies which break down the barriers for those with greater complexities to access. It can be these very companies who end up providing the future universally adapted technology we all use. By partnering the companies with the end users, we enable valuable feedback on these inclusive tools and attendees can enjoy a very hands-on and interactive day.

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Abdi Omar at Communication Works

Seminars giving children & young people the chance to #GetSeen

The programme of seminars enables opportunities for children/young people using the AT and AAC technologies to develop a voice and leadership skills in delivering the presentations alongside the AT/AAC companies and specialists. During these seminars you can not only hear about the benefits of the technology but how they are implemented by the users and schools themselves.

This conference aims to aspire us all, to raise our expectations and aspirations, promote inclusive education, to be well informed and value the voice of everyone through a model of this practise.

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Art Pen Mendonca at Communication Works

Some comments from attendees last year…

“Our Therapy Team, OT and SaLT attended Communication Works last year & the team were buzzing afterwards. We felt inspired, gained a lot more information and implemented changes in our setting with very positive outcomes for our students. The team felt this was one of the best CPD training opportunities they had.” Yasmin Al-Temimi (Therapy Manager – London SE Colleges Bromley Campus)

“It was just nice to have my eyes opened to all the options and to know that there must be a lot of other people out there using this equipment was also comforting in a way.” It was brilliant- inspiring and informative.” Laura Lumbis, Parent

“It really was a great event. And I had some really useful conversations.” Neil Thompson, Commtap

Delegates at Communication Works

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It is free to attend Communication Works however spaces are limited so please reserve your spot today!

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#GetSeen by networking, learning and sharing 

Kathryn Stowell and Mary Long at Communication Works