Looking ahead to Communication Works 2024

We are in the process of planning our annual Communication Works South 2024 event which will take place on Thursday 6th June at The Charlton Athletic Football Club.  

Our team of Advisory Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists will be joined by Product Specialists from a wide range of assistive technology companies and most importantly by some of our CENMAC students who will demonstrate the achievements they have made in accessing the curriculum and/or communicating using their assistive technology. It’s essential that our young people are given a platform to be heard and are allowed to #getseen. 

Announcing our Keynote speaker

We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker for Communication Works South 2024 is a young woman called Ellise Hayward. Some of you may be familiar with Ellise as she works as a inspirational speaker, an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Inclusion Ambassador and a Disabilities Correspondent at The Jill Dando News Centre and The Good News Post.

Ellise delivers her speeches via a high-tech communication aid called an eyegaze. Ever since completing her GCSEs in 2018 Ellise has built a significant following on social media with over 13,500 followers on Twitter (X) where she spreads awareness by talking about her experiences with cerebral palsy and her communication journey through mainstream education.

Ellise has been building her following by giving inspirational talks about her life at schools, NHS events, and conferences such as EDI in Plymouth. Ellise believes that “Everyone deserves a voice” and you need to stay positive even when you face challenges.

Ellise said “I’m so delighted to be the keynote speaker at Communication Works South, it’s a real honour to deliver a presentation on my communication journey and the challenges that I had to face living with cerebral palsy. I’m so looking forward to it.”

Head of CENMAC Kathryn Stowell said “We can’t wait to welcome Ellise. She is a young person who is passionate about changing people’s perceptions and her positive, can-do attitude is truly inspiring. We hope you will all enjoy listening to Ellise’s story.

Ellise Hayward

Image: Communication Works 2024 keynote speaker Ellise Hayward.

Ellise Hayward presenting at a recent event

Image: Ellise Hayward presenting at a recent event.




To find out more about Ellise you can follow her on Twitter (X), you can check out her good news stories on Jill Dando News or you can visit her website for her motivational videos and other great content.

Ellise was also interviewed by our student ambassador Khamani last year where they discussed all the exciting things she has been doing since leaving school.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone!

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Watch the interview

CENMAC student ambassador Khamani interviewing Ellise Hayward.