Celebrating 20 Years of Inclusive Innovation

Rix Inclusive Research Institute Marks Milestone Anniversary

Guest Blog: Written by Gosia Kwiatkowska, Director and Kanchan Kerai, Researcher at Rix

On the first of May 2024, the Rix Inclusive Research Institute at the University of East London, (UEL) reached a significant milestone, celebrating 20 years of ground-breaking research and collaboration. The event was a vibrant gathering, reflecting on two decades of achievements in the field of inclusive research.

The celebration was enriched by the presence of numerous Rix friends, colleagues, and members of the community of practice whose contributions have been instrumental to our success. It was a powerful reminder of the collective effort that has fuelled our advancements and the shared vision that continues to guide our work.

Sensory Storytelling

One of the highlights of the day was showcasing Charlton Park Academy’s sensory storytelling sessions. Sensory storytelling is one of the initiatives that perfectly illustrates the innovative spirit of Rix. Those in attendance were awed to see and learn the incredible power of using storytelling, to engage and enlighten and provide a platform for voices that are often unheard.

Celebrating 20 years of the Rix Centre

Celebrating Rix Inclusive Research 20 Year Anniversary

Rix Professor Nicola Grove collaborated with teachers from Charlton Park Academy to capture the student’s stories. Representing the students, Nicola shared these poignant stories and videos. The stories though small in scale, left a lasting and profound impression on the attendees, highlighting the meaningful collaboration between Rix and Charlton Park Academy and the enriching experiences fostering such partnerships bring about.

Once more, students at Charlton Park Academy, living with profound and multiple intellectual disabilities, have shown themselves to be remarkable agents for change. Through their stories they demonstrate the essential significance of communication, and its capacity to empower all individuals to be heard.

A compelling validation that, with the right people, appropriate support, environment technologies, every individual possesses a voice.

We are deeply grateful to the students and staff of Charlton Park Academy for their ongoing contributions. Their involvement made this event memorable and reinforced the importance of our joint efforts. As we look forward to the future, we remain committed to expanding our reach and impact, ensuring that inclusive research continues to break barriers and foster understanding.

Thank you to all who joined us in celebrating this landmark anniversary. Your support and dedication to cultivating an inclusive world where every voice is heard is what makes our work at Rix so valuable. Here’s to many more years of making a difference together!

Thank you Gosia and Kanchan

Video highlights of the RIX 20 year event