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Word 2003

  1. Open a new ‘Word’ document.
  2. Insert > Object > Create new tab.
  3. In the Object type box > Microsoft Equation 3.0.  If it is not there, you may need to install it.  The Help files will tell you how to do this.
  4. A toolbar appears and a box on your document into which you should enter your equation symbols.
  5. Build your equation on the page by selecting the symbols from the tool bar.  The top row contains 150+ mathematical symbols.  On the bottom row you can choose from a variety of templates and frameworks.
  6. Use the arrow keys to move around the equation (especially with fractions).
  7. To edit your equation, double click on it and then edit it using the Equation Editor Toolbar.
  8. The toolbar will disappear when your equation is finished.
  9. Click outside the equation box when you have finished your calculation.

Word 2007

  1. Open a new ‘Word’ document
  2. Insert > Equation
  3. This brings up a menu of existing equations.  If you need something different, go to Insert New Equation.
  4. This brings up a box on your page to write your equation in and a toolbar at the top of the screen with symbols etc in. 
  5. Once you have created your equation it can be saved to use again.